World Cup hosts since 1930 to 2022

Did you know countries which have hosted world cup since 1930? This video has listed all countries from 1930 -2022. Watch and if you like this video please Subscribe this channel. leave a like and a comment below.
The 1942 World Cup
Record books show that no one won the World Cup in 1942, but that’s not the entire story. The FIFA World Cup was set to take place in 1942 in either Nazi Germany or Brazil. The South Americans were outraged that Germany was even considered, as the previous two World Cups (1934 in Italy, 1938 in France) had also been hosted in Europe. Uruguay hosted the inaugural tournament in 1930 and the competition was supposed to be alternated between Europe and South America.
FIFA still hadn’t made the decision between Germany and Brazil when European hostilities broke out in September 1939, after the German troops invaded Poland. This was the start of the Second World War. As a result, it was decided that the 1942 World Cup would be cancelled.
The 1946 World Cup
When the war ended in 1945, talk about reviving the World Cup began. However, with the next tournament due in 1946, there was no chance of getting it organised within a year. There was, therefore, no World Cup in 1946, and it was decided that the next tournament would be held in 1949 in Brazil. Then it was pointed out how ridiculous it was to change the tradition of the tournament being held every four years, so the sensible decision was to reschedule the event for 1950. Brazil was chosen as host for 1950.

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