Verona ultras leader says ‘Balotelli is not Italian’ – the striker responds | English News

04 November at 15:30

In an interview with Radio Cafe (via, the leader of the Verona ultras spoke about the racist abuse towards Mario Balotelli during yesterday’s clash between Hellas Verona and Brescia at the Bentegodi. The striker ended up kicking the ball at the fans, before wanting to leave the pitch.


“Balotelli is Italian because he has Italian citizenship, but he can never be completely Italian. We also have a negro in our team who scored yesterday, and all of the Verona fans applauded him,” Luca Castellini stated.


After the striker kicked the ball towards the fans, he wanted to leave the pitch. However, he was convinced by his teammates to remain, while the referee ordered the stadium announcer to read out an anti-racism message. The game was also halted for a few minutes, of course.


“The chants came from only four people, who were only heard by the people who recorded the video. Balotelli only heard it in his own head,” the leader continued.


On his Instagram page, Balotelli responded to the words of Castellini, calling him and the others involved ‘ignorant’ as well as ‘small-minded’.


“Listen, my friends, this is not about football anymore. This is much bigger than you small-minded people. Wake up, you ignorant people.


“I’m not Italian? But you were fine with it when I scored and guaranteed goals for Italy?”.


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