Spurs fans call for shock name to replace struggling Pochettino

Spurs fans are questioning whether Pochettino has taken the as far as possible, while our Man Utd readers debate Martial’s future in Your Says of the Day.

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Naive tactics, poor team selection and bad in-game decisions. Just some of the ever visible shortcomings of Poch. Why play Dier when he has been really poor in every game and was dreadful during this match too? When Liverpool are playing three forwards your tactic should be to match them with centre backs, utilising Sanchez’ pace for recoveries. It isn’t difficult to see that. The guy has done wonders however he is too “nice” and needs to be a bit underhand/dirty in game like other managers/head coaches. I hope he turns it round but if not get Spalletti in at the end of the season or perhaps Hiddink. Perhaps this is a bit rash but seeing consistently bad decisions being made is frustrating to see and will ultimately result in the best players departing next summer.


I cant agree, I can not criticise poch, he may have shortcomings, every manager does, but what he has done with spurs is very impressive. ok he hasnt won a trophy but compare where spurs are in terms of investment in their team relative to the other teams and then look at how well they have competed consistently since poch arrived. pound for pound (sterling) I think poch is arguably most effective manager in the prem. (eddie howe up there too imo)

No chance of Levy sacking him either. It is obvious to any one, especially levy, that for tottenham to progress further they will need investment in the squad, until levy can give poch that he will not expect more than challenging for top 4, that was surely understood when they agreed on the new contract. imo spurs could lose 8-10 games this season and finish 6th and poch will still have full backing of levy.


I don’t think Potch is the problem. His not getting the support from the board. Lots of clubs go through that including very recently Chelsea and Manu. Though I agree about Dier and 1 or 2 others. How he can even get into the England squad never mind also Spurs is beyond comprension.


I think you have to factor in the fact that Spurs are in a tough place currently with the significant costs of a new Stadium to fund they can currently only really compete in the transfer market by selling to buy.

I’ve heard the charge of poor tactics and poor team selection aimed at Pochettino before by Spurs fans and I’m sure he’s made mistakes but he’s also a big reason why Spurs are where they are now and let’s not forget Spurs were missing two key players on Saturday v Liverpool in Dele Alli and Lloris.

Whilst the cost of funding the Stadium hangs over Spurs head I think competing for a top 4 plsce and perhaps a domestic Cup will be as good as it gets for Spurs and even that won’t be easy but Spurs won’t be alone in that.

If Spurs did get rid of Pochettino there would be plenty of big club’s interested in him and who would Spurs get in who would be considered truly better? Hiddink for instance will be 72 in a few weeks and has just taken on the China U21 side with the objective of getting them to the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020 and I doubt he would take on an intense role like Spurs now at his age.

nine nine nine

Mauricio Pochettino TEAMtalk

quite strange to hear this form spirs fans, i thought he was highly rated, dont watch them enough to know what his in game management is like but cant deny he does well, only issue as 999 says is the lack of investment he is under to build and i think this will come back to bote spurs, then the pressure of the new stadium (when you get in there) could also hamper (could go the other way too), not many you could replace him in especially with no investment and see your team actually improve form where it is now

trouble is with no new players everyone knows spur now, all the players and how they play, they will win more than they lose but not enough now to do more than top 4 and maybe not even that after a bad summer…

he and spurs do need to win something though



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Manchester United will NOT sell Anthony Martial because they owe 50 per cent of the profit to Monaco.

I read the above in a TT article. Assuming true (although hardly matters if not) it typifies how the game has changed since the businessmen and bankers have taken over clubs.

Basically the decision to keep or sell Martial is based on the bottom line NOT what’s best for the team. I don’t want to start a debate about how good or bad Martial is. The point is, it is money not football that determines his fate.

You would think for United, the primary focus & concern would be team building and winning major trophies. How much would 50% loss of profit on Martial be. And conversely whats the effect on the team & results of keeping a player who desperately wants to leave? And what about the manager. Does he want to sell Martial? Is he being overruled by the bean counters?

The good news is other clubs probably think along the same lines, which means at least the playing field is level. (but not for the City’s and Chelsea’s no doubt).


These media clowns don’t have a clue what’s happening with Martial behind the scenes. Profit has never been a factor when we’ve moved players on in the past, I don’t believe it now.


They don’t want to sell him to avoid paying money to Monaco.

Yet last season it was they don’t want him to play as we’d have to pay bonus payments to Monaco.

Earlier it was we wanted to sell him as he could leave on a free this summer (which was another lie).

There is no sense in him staying merely to avoid paying Monaco extra money, out of profit. He he stayed and left on a free we would not need to pay Monaco anything, but surely we’d be worse off!

Just made up nonsense.


It’s been all about the money for years, before the Glazers took over, before Jose took over, before Ed Woodward ever came on the scene, and it’s been that way at every club.
Even Man City and Chelsea, who have very generous owners, are still run as a business. Even Man city with their seemingly limitless pockets are trying to upgrade the academy and academy facilities to lessen the need to buy stars later on. Especially since the market is gone completely loo-laa since we bought Pogba but more specifically since the Neymar and Mbappe to PSG deals were confirmed. Even back in the days of Jack Walker and co every player had a price, selling Shearer to Newcastle was testimony to that. Even clubs that are fan owned realise that money in vs money out must be the same or money in must be greater for the club to continue to exist.
Football clubs are, and always have been, businesses. The main difference is that people invest more than money into football/sports clubs, they invest their hearts and souls as well. If clubs weren’t businesses then a club would never go to the wall as long as they had enough loyal fans.
The main question then is, if clubs were always businesses, are they more of a business now than ever before? Are they, in some cases global, brands?



I was very worried about that game and thought we would drop points. There’s no question that we’re not at 100% but that was a much better performance and 3 points away to Spurs is a bonus.

I’d still like to see more squad rotation but as someone point out, it may start now due to the matches coming up. I agree with the point that was made by someone re Shaqiri… he needs more game time. The front 3 aren’t firing but Firmino is on his way back.

Maybe one of Mane or Salah need to be dropped to accelerate the improvement?


Mane has been our beat forward this season. 4 goals bofa. Made 2nd goal yday and has been in great form since Porto cl game

Sean the Sailor

Remember early last season when Salah got in the right positions but was struggling to find the net, we know what happened there. We will click, it’s just a matter of when. Hopefully it’s soon so we can maintain a position up around the top of the table.


I would never drop Salah or Mane for important games. For example tomorrow, if Firmino is not fit, I would start with Shaqiri instead, or even Sturridge.

I think the best way to rest Salah and Mane is to take them off early in games where we are well on the way to winning.

Sean, agreed re Gomez, he stays in the team until injured, needs to rest or has a serious loss of form.

However what I meant regarding Lovren, is that he will fight to remove Gomez from the team, I just can’t see him accepting that Gomez is better than him. And to be honest, I don’t care who wins, as long as Liverpool benefit in the long run – though I think Gomez has the edge right now.

This intense competition for places is what will hopefully lead Liverpool to big trophies



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I think we all agree there is a lot of improvement required but 5 wins in 5 and top of the league while still so much improvement to come is a good sign.
David Luiz just doesnt look right-he seems very uncomfortable and unlike in the past he no longer seems to play with a smile. I would have thought he would at least be happy that he is being selected. However i suspect he feels exposed in the system we are playing amd perhaps he knows he is the week link. Even though its good to see a more attacking team its odd i cant stop being concerned about the defence!!


So true we won all our games which is brilliant but I still shit myself every time the opposition nears our goals. That and the strikers not scoring problems have not gone away since the beginning of the season. Sarri himself admits it.


Sarri wanted Kovacic which is why we’ve got him and he seems to be very keen on him given all his comments. Kovacic may or may not go back to Real next summer given his comments but we’ve got him for a season on a big salary and he will start more games than he’ll be on the bench imo.

The positives from yesterday are the 4 goals without a free scoring striker the confidence that is building in the team and the fact that we can back from a goal down to win comfortably when last season in similar circumstances we may have drawn or lost that game.

Also not only are we top scorers in the PL but Hazard is individual top scorer too and he didn’t start the first two games. Not having a recognised goal scorer is a negative but sharing the goals out across the team is a positive.

Much bigger tests lie ahead starting with West Ham next Sunday after a tiring trip to Greece hopefully one or two of the big hitters can be left behind for the POAK game with West Ham in mind.

nine nine nine

I see no reason why we can’t rest our important players. Hazard, Jorginho, Rudiger, Alonso, Azpi, Kante, Pedro, Kepa and Luiz. We have one of the strongest squaad after City. We can play with the B team With Morata leading the line. Cahill and Christensen at the heart of the defence, Emerson and Zapacosta fullbacks. Drinkwater Fabregas and Barkley at the centre. Morata flanked by Loftus Cheek and Moses. That team can beat some PL teams. With Cabllero in goal. Keep Pedro and Giroud on the bench as well as Hodson Odoi and Ampadu.

Maurizio Sarri Chelsea

Sarri admitted as much on Friday and again after the game and we have seen it for ourselves – defensively we still look suspect and prone to conceding. That being said it seems the Club are going to offer Luiz a new contract so I think we can expect him to be around for a while yet and continue to feature under Sarri

Once we got going at the weekend there was only 1 team in it and a beautiful goal from Willian plus his contribution to the penalty – amazes me why so many people underrate him..?

Very pleased with the win and while Sarri is trying to (rightly) keep everyone grounded the noises from the players are actually very positive and there is clearly a growing confidence within the squad. The next few months will be telling as plenty of midweek games to face so rotation and consistency will be required

Biggest test to date coming at the end of the month…!! KTBFFH



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I am pleased with the win but disappointed not to keep a clean sheet, especially with my prediction being 2-0! Well done the three that got it right.

The first half was boring and very flat but the introduction of Torreira changed things and second half we played really well. I am hoping Torreira will start next week, though it will be interesting to see the europa line up. Both goals were down to Xhaka who was man of the match in my view.


That was by far one of the best games Xhaka has played this season,and i’m not taking into account the goal he scored.He was always available for the pass,rotated the ball quite well,even attacking wise helped out a lot he was involved in both the goals.And most importantly He didn’t make any noticeable error.Misplaced passes?Many players do that but he didn’t do anything very noticeable for once that could’ve cost us.I also disagree on the defenders,I thought both of them had quite solid games.If we’re conceding chances it’s to do with the system.You could see as soon as torreira came on he made the difference because he’s the sort of player that can do the dirty work and cover the ground which won’t leave our midfield exposed
Also,there’s no doubt in my mind that Torreira and Xhaka are much more balanced than anything else.The second half yesterday was fantastic to watch,retrieving the ball well and constantly dominating.That’s what I want to see,I’ve said it time and again I don’t really care about the results.It’s not like we’re going to win the PL already.The first signs of those are improved perofrmances and dominating the other team.If we see that on a consistent basis we might actually have a chance in the next couple of years!

the specialone

He only started moving in the second half for a first. You say he is pivotal to our build up play yet in the first half we had no shots on target.

Again I maintain that its Torreira who gets things moving more quickly not Xhaka. Xhaka is a follower not a leader in my view.

Had Torreira not been introduced Xhaka would have changed nothing.

Im not saying Xhaka was bad by any means yesterday but without Torreira he does absolutly nothing. First half and second half proved that. I expect more from him as a captain for his country he should be able to lead by example. Thats why him and Guen wont work as they both need someone to lead them.

I do agree that Xhaka and Torreira works better but I also think that he would be just as helpful to Guendouzi just because of how he plays.



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